MS Windows 10 issue: the Adobe Flash Player doesn't see Splitcam

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MS Windows 10 issue: the Adobe Flash Player doesn't see Splitcam

Post by vicul » Fri May 19, 2017 7:40 am

You can meet that problem if you have the followings:

1. Your OS is MS Windows 10 of version: 1607 or 1703.
2. Your PC's BIOS has the option Security Boot in the section Boot.


1. In the Settings of Adobe Flash the Camera list doesn't show Splitcam Video Driver.
2. In the Device Manager the Splitcam Video Driver doesn't have a sign, see the attached screenshot.


The driver has the old 128-bit sign and the Security Boot option doesn't pass it into OS.


At the moment we are trying to get a new certificate for signing. Now for you we offer one of two ways:

1. Switch off the Security Boot option in BIOS:

1) Reboot the PC and load BIOS (UEFI)
2) Find the section Boot and the option Security Boot. Perhaps this option will have the other name on PC. For details see the PC's doc.
3) Set this option in Disable, save changes and reboot the PC,
4) Load OS and test the program once again.

2. Set the 32-bit browser (for example, Firefox) on the OS.

For this case the 32-bit browser shows you our other 32-bit driver - Splitcam Video Filter. This driver works in the user mode and doesn't require the new signing.
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