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Recommendation after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2016 6:43 am
by vicul
After setting MS Windows 10 of version 1607 (and later) we recommend the following:

1. Install the last version of Splitcam:

2. Install the last MS updates for that Update.

3. If you use MS Edge, Internet Explorer or software using the libraries of those browsers (for example, local MFC client ), then turn off the new Windows service - Frame Server. For it use our utility ControlFramesrv -

- Why do we have to stop the Frame Server?

Because Frame Server allows you to use your webcam (or splitcam) only one time in those browsers. For example, if you are using a webcam (or splitcam) in MFC client and want to open it in MS Edge, then Frame Server locks your webcam (or splitcam) in that browser.

- How to use the utility ControlFramesrv

1. Download the utility using this link:

2. Extract it. You get the following files:

- ControlFramesrv.exe - utility
- Disable.bat - file turns off Frame Server
- Enable.bat - file turns on Frame Server
- readme.txt - instructions

3. Usage of ControlFramesrv

Stop Frame Server:
- Run, as an administrator, Disable.bat.
- If it is successful, then restart Windows.

Start Frame Server:
- Run, as an administrator, Enable.bat.
- If it is successful, then restart Windows.