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Win32 ONLY , New Beta SplitCam - Flash & Skype fixed

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Win32 ONLY , New Beta SplitCam - Flash & Skype fixed

Postby SPLITCAM SUPPORT » Mon May 27, 2013 6:41 am

New BETA version of SplitCam for Windows 32 bit ONLY
Splitcam skin problem fixed , we change video filer to video driver , that fixed few problems:
1. Few version of Browsers can't see video from splitcam
2. Skype can't see splitcam
3. Few versions of Flash can't see splitcam

Before you install new version , uninstall the old version of Splitcam and reboot your PC.

Download link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/15ub9n2yk8cln ... exe?v=0mcn

When you start to install this version you receive few windows with questions about installing video driver , you must clikc OK or YES or Continue Anyway.

After you install the new version of SplitCam - REBOOT your PC !

the new SOURCE NAME : splitcam_hd_driver_source .

Please leave your comments about new version !?

Thank You
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